Dock Diving

--"Cochiti", the record-holding dock dog--bred, owned, and trained by Diane Salts. Photo Credit: Julie Ward

Another relatively new sport that is growing in popularity among dog owners is Dock Dog or Dock Diving. While Whippets are not normally considered a breed that enjoys the water, and their lack of natural buoyancy makes them indifferent swimmers compared to the water retrieving breeds, a few Whippets are making their mark at the sport of Dock Diving because their athleticism suits them well to the Big Air competitions, where the ability to launch with tremendous acceleration off of a dock into a long, rectangular pool and landing as far as possible away from the edge of the dock gains the dog the best score.

A racebred Whippet from Washington State, "Cochiti", is a current record holder in this division and is the 2013 Big Air Super Elite World Champion, and listed in the most recent edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Although this sport is not one which is in any respect part of the traditional purposes of the breed, if you have a Whippet that does not hate the water, and if an opportunity to try Dock Diving with your Whippet presents itself, why not give it a try? You might find you have the next Dock Dog Big Air contender! That some Whippets have actually done quite well at this sport is just another example of the amazing versatility found in the Whippet breed.

More information on this sport/activity can be found on the Dock Dogs website.

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