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  • STEP 1: VERIFY FIRST  Email trophy chair Guin Borstel and request a trophy sponsorship from the available list
  • STEP 2: PLEDGE Once the class has been verified as available, send donor name and/or dedication to trophy chair to be added to the list
  • STEP 3: PAYMENT Use paypal button below or send a check made payable to the "AWC" in US Funds.

All donations must be made in US dollars.

Trophy Chair | Guin Borstel

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DONATING VIA PAYPAL: Specify Trophy Being Donated in the Space below. Click on "Buy Now". That will take you to the Paypal screen where you can enter the donation amount in USD's


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Donor Name and/or Dedication for Catalog

Best of Breed   David and Gina Samuelson, Dionne Butt and Amanda Giles. Sporting Fields and Dashing
BOW $220  
BOS   David and Gina Samuelson, Dionne Butt and Amanda Giles. Sporting Fields and Dashing
SD   Joanne Boudrealt, ForgetMeNot
SB   Susie Hughes, Snow Hill
WD   Lennah Snell, Winquest Whippets and Dick and Jean Schroeder, Willabe Whippets
RWD   Chuck & Mallory Ballard, Arborlea
WB   Judy Alexander & Lisa Kling, Absolut
RWB   Kay Nierengarten and Mark Shubert, Northwind
NOHS   David and Gina Samuelson, Dionne Butt and Amanda Giles. Sporting Fields and Dashing
Best Puppy   Judy Alexander & Lisa Kling, Absolut
Best Bred-By   Lennah Snell, Winquest Whippets and Dick and Jean Schroeder, Willabe Whippets
Best Veteran   Andrea Meyer, RiverMyst
Best Performance   Devereux Whippets, Robin Brown & Angie Grace Bass
Best in Breeder Sweeps   Cydney Petit, Kalina
Best Vet Sweeps $200  
Best Opp Vet Sweeps   Karen Schoenrock
Brood Bitch   Lori & Bobby Paust, Kelly Padon & Lori Lawrence
Extended Brood Bitch   Todd Miller & Mandy Clevenger
Stud Dog   Sara & Dan Weitzenkamp, RoundHouse Whippets
Extended Stud Dog   Sara & Dan Weitzenkamp, RoundHouse Whippets
Brace   Kathleen & Debbie Davenport, Kamada
Team   Angella Martin & RyLand
Best Altered   Jan Wahl, Uptown
Best Opp Altered   Annie Andrews, Mystic Run
6-9 Dogs $75  
9-12 Dogs   Todd Miller, Mandy Clevenger & Jill Baum
12-15 Dogs $75  
15-18 Dogs   Marilyn Anderson & Lindsey Anderson in honor of 2019 AWC 15-18 Dog Aperture Good Thing Going
Novice Dogs   Michelle Queen, WesAnn
Am OH Dogs   Kristy Thomas, Phoebe Booth, Jen Smith & Gail Strack
Bred By Dogs   Lennah Snell, Winquest Whippets and Dick and Jean Schroeder, Willabe Whippets
Am Bred Dogs   Merry Farrington, Destinie Stapleton & Ziyah Stapleton
Open Dogs $75  
6-9 Bitches   Linda M Cornick
9-12 Bitches $75  
12-15 Bitches $75  
15-18 Bitches   Susan Mallonee, Amberwind
Novice Bitches   Andrea Kea & Trish Dews, Chabeau
Am OH Bitches $75  
BBE Bitches   Guin Borstel, Milescross
Am Bred Bitches $75  
Open Bitches   Kristen Addington
Vet Dogs 7-10 $75  
Vet Dogs 10-12   Ed & MJ Odron, Hounds of Majeod
Vet Dogs 12 & Over   Christine Canard
Vet Bitches 7-10   Ed & MJ Odron, Hounds of Majeod
Vet Bitches 10-12   Jennifer Beach-Buda, Rusalka
Vet Bitches 12 & Over   Vickie Smith, Heartland Whippets
Lure Coursing Dogs   Leslie Smith
Lure Coursng Bitches $75  
Racing Dogs  $75  
Racing Bitches $75  
AOM #1   Kathy Rasmussen, Harmony Whippets
AOM #2   Maureen McCreery & Carolyn Dean, Laurel
AOM #3   John & Tracy Hite, Tivio
AOM #4   Leah Hartlep
AOM #5 $165  
AOM #6 $165  
AOM #7   Karen Schoenrock
AOM #8   Tracy & John Hite, Bob Edison & John Jarvise
AOM #9 $165  
AOM #10 $165  
Vet Sweeps 7-10 Dogs   Karen Schoenrock
Vet Sweeps 10-12 Dogs   Angella Martin &  RyLand
Vet Sweeps 12 & Over Dogs   Guin Borstel, Milescross
Vet Sweeps 7-10 Bitches $50  
Vet Sweeps 10-12 Bitches $50  
Vet Sweeps 12 & Over Bitches   Vickie Smith, Heartland
Altered Dogs 6-12 Months $75  
Altered Dogs 12-18 Months $75  
Altered Dogs Open  $75  
Altered Bitches 6-12 Months $75  
Altered Bitches 12-18 Months $75  
Altered Bitches Open $75  
Best in Futurity   Chuck & Mallory Ballard, Arborlea
Best in Maturity   Kathleen & Debbie Davenport, Kamada
Best Junior Showman   Jane Cooney-Waterhouse
Res Best Junior   Jane Cooney-Waterhouse
Novice Junior $75  
Open Junior $75  
Novice Intermediate $75  
Open Intermediate $75  
Novice Senior $75  
Open Senior $75  
Obedience Novice A   Phoebe Booth, Shamasan
Obedience Novice B $75  
Obedience Open A   Irene Mullauer
Obedience Open B   Meleta Galles
Obedience Utility A   Meleta Galles
Obedience Utility B $75  
Beginner Novice A   Julie Weir
Beginner Novice B $75  
Preferred Novice $75  
Preferred Open $75  
Preferred Utility $75  
Obedience Versatility   Leslie Corsini & Sidney
Obedience Veteran $75  
Obedience Brace   Annie Andrews, Mystic Run
High Score in Regular Classes   Erynn Lucas, Von Luka.
High Combined in Regular Classes $90  
High Score in Non-Regular $90  
High Score in Preferred Classes   Janet Juzkiw
High Score in Opt. Titling Classes   Nonstopp Whippets, In Honor of Fender
High Comb Score in Pref/Open/Utility $90  
Rally Novice A   Crystal Pfisterer
Rally Novice B $75  
Rally Intermediate   Ron & Dee Vayda -Shojin
Rally Advanced A    Carrie Burns
Rally Advanced B $75  
Rally Excellent A $75  
Rally Excellent B   Connie Austin & Ule James
Master $75  
Rally Combined Adv A and Excel B   Gwen & John Anrico 
High Combined Triple AdvB/ExcB/Masters $90  
Triathlon 1st   Erynn Lucas, Von Luka
Triathlon 2nd $50  
Triathlon 3rd   Gwen Anrico & Libby Rice
Triathalon 4th   Ron & Dee Vayda
Triathlon 5th   Linda Pocurull
Triathlon 6th   Ron & Dee Vayda
Triathlon 7th $50  
Triathlon 8th   Sami Hirko
Triathlon 9th $50  
Triathlon 10th   Phoebe Booth, Shamasan
Versatility 1st   Cricket Mara
Versatility 2nd $50  
Versatility 3rd   Carrie Burns
 Versatility 4th   Angie Bass & Robyn Brown, Devereaux
Versatility 5th $50  
Versatility 6th $50  
Versatility 7th   Dianna Johnson
Versatility 8th   Lauri Austin & Marc Stumbo
Versatility 9th   Tom & Mary Severino
Versatility 10th   Sami Hirko


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