Show Committee

Show Chairs and Officers

National Show Chairperson Cindy Scott
Local Show Chairperson Lisa Costello
Local Show Co-Chairperson Debbie Davenport
National Show Treasurer Kay Nierengarten
Trophy Chairperson Guin Borstel
Lure Coursing Trophy Chairperson Trisha Borland
Top Twenty Chairperson Todd Miller
Lure Coursing Chairperson Jean Schroeder
Lure Coursing FTS  Jessica Eason
Vendor Chairperson Kay Nierengarten
National Obedience Chairperson Irene Mullauer
Local Obedience Chairperson Denise Tatro
Local Triathlon/Versatility Chairperson Lauri Austin
Local Agility Chairperson Mary Alderman
Parade of Honors Donna Bennett
RV Parking Carl Morgan
Welcome Party Debbie Davenport
Rainbow Bridge Claudia Miller
Judges Education David Samuelson
Logo Items    
Logo Design Cynthia Schmidt
Welcome Bags Krista Siehndel
Grooming Area & Set-Up    
Banquet Chairperson Kathy Davenport
Ballroom Décor & Set-up Dawn Carlson
Grounds Chairperson    
Raffle Chairperson    
Online Auction Chairperson Lisa Costello
Website / Social Media / Livestream Kristen Fredericks
Catalog Advertising Kristen Fredericks
Catalog Pre-Sales Krista Siehndel
Health Clinic Coordinator Lisa Costello
Futurity Chairperson Rhonda Gifford

Keep Checking Back!

If you would like to volunteer your time please contact one of our committee chairs and volunteers. Please help us make this National special!


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