Lure Coursing

The American Whippet Club will host two lure coursing trials in conjunction with the 2019 National Specialty. One ASFA trial on Saturday, April 13, 2019 and the 2019 AWC National Specialty AKC trial on Sunday, April 14, 2019. The Sunday AKC trial will be the trial that counts toward Versatility and Triathlon scores.

JUDGE CHANGE NOTICE: "Due to unforeseen circumstances Dawn Gibas will not be able to complete her judging assignment for the Lure Coursing during the National. Therefore the following Judges have graciously agreed to fulfill the duties of Lure Coursing Judge. Elaine McMichael of Crestview Florida will become the 2nd Judge for the ASFA Lure Coursing Trial on Saturday and Kay Nierengarten of Duluth Minnesota will become the 2nd Judge for the AKC Lure Coursing Trial on Sunday."

Download Saturday ASFA Trial Premium List (updated March 26) PDF icon

Download Sunday AKC Trial Premium List (updated March 25) PDF icon



Clinton State Park
798 N 1415th Road
Lawrence, KS 66049

ENTRIES CLOSE  March 13, 2019 Field Trial Secretary’s address


Please note there are different FTS mailing addresses for each trial



ASFA: Kim Bork, Elaine McMichael

AKC: Kay Nierengarten, Joe Stewart


ASFA Field Trial Committee

Field Trial Chairman: Scott Hurlbert,, 913-907-5361
Field Trial Secretary: Marilyn Standerford 15054 Dayton Street Omaha, NE 68137-5100
Phone: 402-960-6121
Lure Operators: Mark Schubert, Joe Schoemaker
Inspection: Trisha Borland
Lead Huntmasters: David Smith, Wendy Hodges
Official Photographer: Kent Standerford (Big Paw Prints)

AKC Field Trial Committee

Field Trial Chairman: Scott Hurlbert (913) 907-5361
Field Trial Secretary: Leah Hartlep (515) 657-3817
Records Desk & Field Clerks: Ping Pirrung. Clerks may be added as necessary.
Lure Operators: Joe Schoemaker, Mark Schubert
Huntmasters: Wendy Hodges
Inspection: Trisha Borland
Committee members may be added and/or substituted based on availability.
Official Photographer: Kent Standerford (Big Paw Prints)
Day Parking Parking is $5.00 per vehicle. Cash or check are the only accepted forms of payment. Double check the parking fees at 
PARKING NOTICE: The park is open 24 hours a day but there won't be anyone manning the booth at 6 am when we all start rolling in. You will have to stop and fill out the park pass and put your 5 dollars in the box and then proceed to the field. NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. If it's not raining you can have 2 wheels on the grass but that's all. If raining, no wheels.
RV Parking is on first-come basis. You must park on the outer part of the road with at least 2 wheels on the pavement. Parking permits MUST be displayed. Parking next to the bathroom building is reserved for field committee members only. Dry Camping / Overnight Parking You may dry-camp in the picnic area, but no vehicles are allowed on the grass and you must pay $10/night camping fee plus a $3 processing fee. Campground #1 is closest to the field, and has electric and water. Fees paid at the Campground Host or the Park Office. See RV information for RV fees

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