Regional Specialties

Judges for the American Whippet Club Regional Specialties are voted on by AWC members within that region. This list of judges includes the results of the Regional Specialty ballots, but judges listed here may be pending approval by the American Kennel Club and are not considered official until published on

Due to COVID, a number of our Regional Specialties have changed locations and judges for 2020, 2021, and 2022. Verify the most current information with each show chair or join the Facebook group for each region for the most up to date information. 

AWC Eastern Specialty

York, PA (The Celtic Classic at York Expo Center)

For more information, contact show chair Susie Butler Dodd

Superintendent: Rau Dog Shows

AWC Eastern Facebook Group

2021 Breed: (Held at Cherry Blossom Cluster April 2021 - Judge Michael Canalizo)

2022 Breed: Doug Broadfoot (Broadstrider)

2023 Breed: Kay Nierengarten (Northwind)


AWC Pacific Northwest Specialty

Hillsboro, OR (Washington County Fairgrounds)

For more information, contact show chair Yvonne McKim

Superintendent:  MB-F

AWC PNW Facebook Group

2021 CHANGE:

June 18, 2021

Cowlitz County Event Center Longview, WA

Breed Judge: Lori Lawrence

Sweeps: Shauna Summers


AWC Midwest Specialty

Madison, OH (Bill Stanton Community Park)

For more information, contact show chair Judy Lowther

Superintendent:  MB-F

AWC Midwest Specialty Facebook Group

2021: July 16, 2021

Judge: Sharon Sakson

Sweeps: Katie Rudolph


AWC Western Specialty

Escondido, CA (Hidden Valley Obedience Club)

For more information, contact show chair Sue Vernon

Superintendent: DogZibit

AWC Western Specialty Facebook Group

2021: May 29, 2021

Judge: Gail Boyd

Sweeps: Kim Otero



AWC North Central Specialty

Lake Elmo, MN (Washington County Fairgrounds)

More information, contact show chair David Samuelson

Superintendent: Onofrio

AWC North Central Facebook Group

2021: August 27, 2021

Judge: Russell McFadden

Sweeps: Shelley Kruger


AWC Southern Specialty

Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Expo Center)

For more information, contact show chair Kelly Riney

Superintendent: Onofrio

AWC Southern Specialty Facebook Group

2021 Change: December 4, 2021

Perry, GA

Judge: Joanne Boudreault

Sweeps: Kelly Chafe


AWC South Central Specialty

Oklahoma City, OK

For more information, contact show chair Kathy Rasmussen

Superintendent: Onofrio

AWC South Central Facebook Group

2021: July 3, 2021

Judge: Tracy Hite

Sweeps: Carolyn Hite

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